Our ClimateTech & Sustainable Investing research focus is guided by two key principles: Sustainability and Resiliency. We define sustainability by the ability of a product or service to lower the overall carbon footprint and/or reduce resource consumption. This can be driven by a variety of factors including renewable power generation, renewable fuels and chemicals, energy efficiency, resource management, emissions control, and the broader bioeconomy. We measure resiliency by the ability of the company’s business model and product to sustain long-term growth; is it flexible enough to adjust and navigate through a variety of external events; and will drive demand for the company’s product or service likely to perform above average through economic cycles, regulatory shifts, geopolitical volatility, and pandemics.

Recent Sector Insights

Ocean Power Technologies, Inc. (NYSEAMERICAN: OPTT)
Riding the Wave of Renewable Energy-as-a-Service for Offshore Applications and Maritime Products and Services for Commercial and Military Markets
Initiation Of Coverage Report · 28 Nov 2022

Ocean Power Technologies, Inc. (OPT) offers products and consulting services for ocean data collection and reporting, maritime power, offshore communications, and Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA).

Weekly Sustainable Investing Surveyor: Week Ended November 18, 2022
Industry Report · 21 Nov 2022

Upcoming Events Soluna Holdings, Inc. (SLNH) • Fireside chat with CEO John Belizaire on overview of company’s technology and roadmap to green Bitcoin mining on 29 November at 12:00 PM EST

EVmo, Inc. (OTC: YAYO)
Record 3Q Results; Positive EBITDA a Major Milestone with More Growth Ahead
Update Note · 17 Nov 2022

Positive EBITDA milestone moves EVmo to the next stage in its evolution and growth ramp. We see 3Q EBITDA as a validation of the operating leverage in the business model and a reflection of the focus on fleet efficiency and cost controls. We expect it should also help expand new vehicle financing...

Polar Power, Inc. (NASDAQ: POLA)
3Q22 Results: Revenue Down 58.7% Y/Y; Net Loss Increased to $2.4 Million; Overcoming Inflation Risks
Update Note · 16 Nov 2022

Polar Power reported 3Q22 revenue of $1.7 million, down 58.7% Y/Y from $4.1 million in 3Q21. The company’s domestic sales are driven by its telecommunications clients, as its DC Generators support the rollout of 5G infrastructure throughout the US. Supply chain issues hindered the company’s manuf...

Soluna Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: SLNH)
Fireside Chat: John Belizaire, Chief Executive Officer of Soluna Computing, Inc., November 29, 2022, at 12:00 pm EST
Fireside Chat Invitation · 16 Nov 2022

Please join us on November 29, 2022, at 12:00 pm EST for a conversation with John Belizaire, Chief Executive Officer of Soluna Computing, Inc.

Capstone Green Energy Corp. (NASDAQ: CGRN)
2Q23 Results: Revenue Up 20.8% Y/Y, Gross Margin Drops to 10.5% on High Input Costs; EaaS Rental Business Shines
Update Note · 15 Nov 2022

Capstone reported healthy revenue growth of 20.8% Y/Y, with a top-line figure of $20.8 million, compared with $17.2 million in 2Q22, primarily attributable to the continued growth of its high-margin EaaS business. 1H23 revenue totaled $39.5 million, up 18.5% from $33.3 million in 1H22. Complete r...

Weekly Sustainable Investing Surveyor: Week Ended November 11, 2022
Industry Report · 14 Nov 2022

Upcoming Events SES AI Corp. (SES) • Please join us for a fireside chat on November 18 at 10:00 am EST with CEO Dr. Qichao Hu who will provide an overview of the company’s technology and roadmap to commercializing Li-Metal batteries.

Crown Electrokinetics Corp. (NASDAQ: CRKN)
3Q22 Results: Restructuring Benefits Were Visible As Operating Cost Decreased by $2.5 Million and EPS Improved by $0.20 Y/Y
Update Note · 14 Nov 2022

Operating expense decreased by $2.5 million, from $5.6 million in 3Q21 to $3.1 million in 3Q22. It included $0.5 million in non-cash stock-based compensation, $1.7 million in payroll costs, $0.3 million in consulting and professional fees, and $0.6 million in operating overhead. Access complete r...

Fireside Chat: CEO Dr. Qichao Hu, November 18, 2022, at 10:00 am EST
Fireside Chat Invitation · 11 Nov 2022

On Friday, November 18, 2022, at 10:00 am EST, we will host SES AI Corp. (SES) CEO Dr. Qichao Hu. He will provide an update on the company’s technology and roadmap to commercializing Li-Metal batteries.