Sectors Covered

At Water Tower Research we cover a diverse and expanding group of sectors spanning a variety of market-cap ranges, profitability characteristics, and growth profiles of the greatest interest to the financial community. Within each sector there are numerous companies that are not fully understood by the investment community, as information flow has slowed or in many instances completely disappeared due to rapidly changing sell-side dynamics. We believe this unbalanced information flow among various companies makes it difficult for investors to find new investment ideas and prevents the efficient flow of information. At Water Tower Research we bridge that gap by creating credible and consistent research to better connect companies with investors, and investors with companies.


Our Bioeconomy research platform is focused on those companies and sectors of the economy that use renewable biological resources including crops, forests, fish, animals, and micro-organisms to produce food, materials, and energy. It also addresses a range of technologies that are used in the production and processing of those resources, including agricultural technology (AgTech), resource management and agricultural chemicals. The bioeconomy is one of the fastest growing sectors around the globe as increasing demand on resources strains the capabilities of incumbent technologies and the finite arable land and water needed to manage and produce those renewable assets. The sector is also highly integrated with biotechnology as the search for higher yielding and more resilient biomass and food sources are a key driver in our research focus and philosophy.


Our Biotechnology research platform is focused on those companies and industries involved in the field of medicine. The biotechnology industry has changed treatments for patients. Usually, biotechnology cellular and biomolecular processes are used to develop technologies and products that help improve lives. The industry includes companies that develop traditional small molecules. Areas of focus include oncology, infectious disease, orphan diseases, endocrinology, gene therapy, diagnostics, and many other therapeutic areas. These companies are often on the cutting-edge of innovation and breakthrough technologies.

Chemicals & Materials Technology

Our Chemicals & Materials research platform is focused on those companies and industries producing industrial chemicals. These companies convert a variety of raw materials including oil, natural gas, air, water, metals, and minerals into value-added chemicals. These include both specialty chemicals as well as commodity chemicals utilized in nearly every product produced around the world. Materials Technology is focused on nanomaterials, biomaterials, electronic chemicals, battery chemistries, magnetics, and vapor deposition / optical thin film coatings. It also encompasses ceramics and glasses, advanced composites, polymers, metal alloys and semiconductor materials. Materials technology is fast becoming a critical part of the next generation of products with applications ranging from energy storage to telecommunications to aerospace & defense.

ClimateTech & Sustainable Investing

Our ClimateTech & Sustainable Investing research focus is guided by two key principals: Sustainability and Resiliency. We define sustainability by the ability of a product or service to lower the overall carbon footprint and/or reduce resource consumption. This can be driven by a variety of factors including renewable power generation, renewable fuels and chemicals, energy efficiency, resource management, emissions control, and the broader bioeconomy. We measure resiliency by the ability of the company’s business model and product to sustain long-term growth; is it flexible enough to adjust and navigate through a variety of external events; and will demand for the company’s product or service likely perform above average though economic cycles, regulatory shifts, geopolitical volatility, and pandemics.

Communication Equipment

Our Communication Equipment research platform is focused on those companies powering the connected world. The Internet will continue to grow and dominate communications globally. The need for faster communications will continue to drive companies to develop new technologies and protocols. The latest wireless communication generation (5G) will drastically change much of communications, but not all. Remote access during global COVID-19 pandemic has changed the trajectory of the industry. New optical, silicon, photonics, processing, and wireless technologies will continue to be introduced, often by small technology-based innovators.

Emerging Growth & Special Situations

Our Emerging Growth research platform is focused on companies and industries that are on the leading edge of technology and innovation but have not yet reached commercial scale. This spans across numerous sectors but carries the common theme that the company is bringing a “disrupter” technology to market.  We also include research on highly differentiated specialty companies that do not necessarily fit within a specific industry sector definition, however, their technology promises to be transformative to one or more end markets.

Industrial Technology

Our Industrial Technology research platform is focused on disruptive companies and industries using innovative engineering and manufacturing techniques that help to improve efficiency, production, supply chain management, reduce emissions, etc. The tools used to accomplish these goals range from intelligent machines, robotics, and data mining and real-time information utilizing Internet-of-Things (IOT) technology. IOT is an increasingly valuable resource for companies as it can help to minimize equipment and manpower, while maximize production and throughput across a wide variety of industries.

IT Hardware

Our IT Hardware research platform is focused on those companies supplying computing hardware to both industry and individuals. Computers make the modern world work, from large servers running global financial markets, to cloud servers powering the Internet, to smartphones in our pockets that we rely upon every day. We expect new hardware to continue to be introduced every year for the foreseeable future including robotics, even smarter phones (handheld super computers), AI-based hardware, and more remote devices as the world moves to a post COVID era. Much of the innovation in technology has historically come from small companies and we expect this to continue.

Oil & Gas / Energy

Our Oil & Gas / Energy research platform is focused on global upstream, midstream and downstream energy companies, mining and materials and players in the chemical value chain. We also address companies and industries that provide services and novel technologies to those industries.