Water Tower Research Fireside Chat Series: Extreme Network’s ESG Strategy with Ed Meyercord and Katy Motiey

We are pleased to host Ed Meyercord, President & CEO of Extreme Networks (EXTR) and Katy Motiey, Chief Administrative and Sustainability Officer, in our Water Tower Research Fireside Chat Series. This Fireside Chat is focused on the company’s ESG strategy and includes a review of the company’s recently published 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report. Assets in ESG are seeing increasing interest as indicated by research firm Opimas, which estimates the value of global assets applying environmental, social and governance data to drive investment decisions has almost doubled over four years, and more than tripled over eight years, to $40.5 trillion in 2020. ESG considerations are increasingly important to investors as climate change, diversity and corporate philanthropy are starting points for investment decisions.

Extreme Networks provides software-driven networking services for enterprise customers. Its products include wired and wireless network infrastructure equipment and software for network management, policy, analytics, and access controls. It offers high-density Wi-Fi, centralized management, cloud-based network management, and application analytics capabilities. The company serves a number of end-markets including Government & Education (>35% of sales), Healthcare (>10%), Manufacturing (~10%), Retail Logistics / Transportation (~10%), Telco / Service Provider (<10%), and Sports / Entertainment & Hospitality (<5%). You can read our Initiation of Coverage Report HERE. Come hear how Extreme plans to win in the comm equipment space.

Communications is experiencing significant upward drivers from pandemic lockdowns and the increased remote access demand from consumers. 5G is now on everyone’s radar as Apple, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T push the new wireless technology to consumers. Extreme Networks is widely viewed as being well positioned for the growth in networking, and to exploit its cloud-based systems. We see cloud-based management solutions continuing to take market share in both hardware and networking markets. The centralized data allows for better predictions and operations, and the cloud makes it cost effective.