WTR Fireside Chat Series: CEO Dan Brdar Provides an Introduction to B-TRAN™ Bi-Directional Power Switches and Addressable Markets on Thursday, April 22, 2021 at 2:00 pm EDT – Replay Now Available

On Thursday, April 22nd at 2:00 pm EDT, we will be hosting Ideal Power’s CEO Dan Brdar covering an introduction to B-TRAN™ Bi-Directional power switches and addressable markets. Ideal Power Inc. (IPWR) is an innovative power semiconductor company focused exclusively on the development and commercialization of its patented Bi-directional, Bi-polar Junction Transistor (B-TRAN™) solid state switch technology. The event is open to all.

B-TRAN™ is a vertically symmetric, four-terminal, three-layer, vertical-current-flow semiconductor device that has a somewhat similar structure to an IGBT switch but also has a control switch on each side. The B-TRAN™ topology for power semiconductors is a basic but drastically different topology. It combines a MOSFET’s fast, low-loss switching, an IGBT’s high-current density, a Bipolar Junction Transistor’s (BJT) low forward voltage drop, and a unique bi-directionality, allowing it to be used in highly advantageous AC connection converter topologies.

You can access the Initiation of Coverage report here.

Replay Available Here