Where is Personal Cybersecurity Headed? Expert Fireside Chat Series: BlackCloak CEO Dr. Chris Pierson on Tuesday, Mar. 9th at 11 EST

22 February 2021

On Tuesday, March 9th at 11 am EST (8 AM PST), we will be hosting Dr. Chris Pierson, CEO of BlackCloak for a Fireside Chat on cybersecurity. The event is open to all investors.

You protect your home, doors, family, and physical life. But what do you do in terms of your digital life? Is your home wide open from a digital perspective?   Do you know what is out there on the dark web that could cause a breach of your digital life?   

Cybercriminals have been targeting corporate executives in their personal lives in order breach the company, access corporate IP and financial data, and extort executives. They’ve also been targeting high-profile and high-net-worth individuals for financial and other reputational hacks. 

How can you and your family protect your privacy, devices, homes, and peace-of-mind in a holistic manner?  Join us for what is truly a behind-the-scenes view of the digital attack surface and battles going on every day in the homes and personal lives of BlackCloak’s clients.

This event will be co-moderated by Water Tower Research Vice Chair and Co-Founder Tim Gerdeman.

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