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KULR Technology Group

    We have discontinued coverage of KULR Technology Group.

    KULR Technology Group

    Company Overview

    KULR Technology Group Inc. develops and commercializes high-performance battery safety and thermal management technologies for batteries and electronics across a variety of applications currently dominated by aerospace and defense. KULR’s proprietary core technology is a carbon fiber material that provides superior thermal conductivity and heat dispersion for an ultra-lightweight and flexible material.


Shawn Severson
President & Co-Founder

Recent Sector Insights

KULR Technology Group (NYSC: KULR)
Previewing KULR’s Upcoming Battery Solutions Day with Co-Founder and CEO Michael Mo
· Management Series · 22 Jun 2021

KULR Technology Group Co-Founder and CEO Michael Mo joined WTR to preview KULR’s upcoming Battery Solutions Day. The event is open to all investors and is accessible on-demand HERE.

KULR Technology Group (NYSC: KULR)
A Thermal Management Business Heating Up in Aerospace with New Applications Ahead
· Initiation Of Coverage Report · 12 Apr 2021

KULR is a leading provider of thermal management solutions for battery safety, offering carbon fiber-based customized thermal solutions for several applications and industries, led by aerospace.

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