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The 650 Group expects the market for disaggregated routing to be most of the $15 billion routing market, possibly up to $10 billion a year. They also expect cloud providers to be the driver of this trend and that “cloud is going to win everything.” Disaggregated routing opens the router to more vendors and new combinations. With the advent of faster CPUs, networking does not need to be fully integrated as was done in the past. Even though the various parts of the network may come from different vendors, full line speed can now be achieved. Companies mentioned in this report include Cambium Networks, Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, Nokia, DriveNets, Marvell, Broadcom, Arista, Acacia, Inphi, Marvell, Ciena, and Infinera.
CleanSpark generates revenue from two primary sources: energy management software and systems for microgrids and bitcoin mining. CleanSpark recently reported a strong set of first quarter results with both top line and margins improving significantly, aided primarily by the ATL acquisition. Revenues grew 130% y/y and 15% q/q to $2.3 million in 1Q21. All segments witnessed strong growth led by service and software revenues (+748% y/y) and hardware (+18%). The key highlight was the addition of $0.7 million (or 32% of total quarterly revenues) bitcoin mining revenues from the ATL acquisition.
Zovio’s CEO indicated that the fourth quarter results reflected a better than expected transition of the core business to the University of Arizona Global Campus (UAGC) and continued momentum at FullStack Academy and TutorMe. For the first time the company provided segment information to investors with two segments: the University Partners segment, consisting primarily of the contract with UAGC, and the Zovio Growth segment, consisting mainly of FullStack Academy and TutorMe.
CEO David Heard described the quarter as “strong” with “solid execution across the board.” Heard said the company is well on its way to achieving its target business model, which we should hear more about at its upcoming analyst day in March.
Theratechnologies recently announced that its TH1902 lead peptide conjugate received FDA Fast Track designation for the treatment of sortilin-expressing cancers. The Fast Track designation will facilitate the regulatory process as the drug moves to Phase 1 human trials. Noteworthy also is the fact that the designation was granted after only animal trials, a fairly unusual move that highlights the potential of the TH1902 peptide.

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